Using Our Online Designer

Known issues with our Online Designer

Unfortunately, there are a few issues with using our designer that might make your experience creating custom apparel a negative one. We completely understand this and are actively trying to fix them. In the mean time, we have created solutions that will help and should prevent you from having a difficult time as you create your perfect product. If you encounter other issues not displayed here, please Contact Us immediately so we can identify the problem and work to fix it. We want this website to be your go to solution for custom printing so we're working hard to make it simple and straightforward. Please bear with some bugs as we work hard to resolve them. Thank you.

As a courtesy, we would invite you to use a limited time coupon to show our appreciation for working with us while we resolve our bugs. Please apply this coupon during checkout.

Thank you very much for your patience as we work on making this site the best it can be!



Canvas Is Not To Scale
Please keep in mind that when using our online designer, the canvas represents the overall look of your product and isn't true to scale. With various sizes available, it would be difficult to accurately display the correct size of each product, especially on a computer. With that said, we're doing our best to provide you with an overall display of your product while keeping functionality consistent across all products. We apologize for any inconvenience.
When You Want to Re-Edit Your Product

After customizing your product and adding it to cart, let's say you want to change something about it and need to re-edit it? You are able to do so by clicking the "click here to re-edit" link under the product within your cart. Unfortunately, doing so doesn't display the "Add to Cart" button as it should. We are aware of this issue and are actively trying to resolve as soon as possible. In the mean time, in order to force the Add to Cart button to appear, you'll either need to re-add the design or for a simpler method, click on your image, and click the "Reset" button in order to make the Add to Cart button appear.

We hope this doesn't cause too much of an inconvenience. We can understand that it may not make designing your product easy but we want to provide a solution while we fix this issue.

Where to Click Re-Edit Design in Cart... Add To Cart Button Not Visible...Getting "Add To Cart" button to appear...
When You Want to Add Multiple Sizes of the Same Design

We know how simple it would be to add multiple sizes of a designed product in regards to something like T-Shirts. As we work on making this easy for you, in the mean time, you will need to create your design again and select from the available sizes and add them to your cart. We understand this can be tedious but it would make the production of your products more straightforward and smooth in regards to knowing exactly what you want.

We sincerely hope this doesn't cause an inconvenience for you while you use our designer.

Accidentally Ordering Blank Products

Keep in mind that when you're using our designer, when you remove an uploaded image or clipart, you are still able to add the product to the cart, but this would then make it a blank product (without any custom printing). Please be sure that you have added your uploaded image or selected clipart to the product before adding it to the cart.

Accidentally Ordering Blank Products
Switching Between Different Templates and Products

Keep in mind that when you're using our designer, when you switch to another template/product, all of your progress will be lost. Be sure to select the right template/product before creating your custom product.